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Zoomed In: Occupational Lenses

Each month, we’d like to look more closely at a product that many people would find useful. This month we’re looking at occupational lenses.

Many of us with office jobs make sure that our environment is ergonomically optimised to reduce the strain of the work day on our bodies. We buy supportive chairs, use ergonomic keyboards, comfortable shoes, etc. But what do we do to reduce eye and neck strain?

If you wear everyday varifocal lenses, you may find that they are not suitable for long periods of computer work. If you wear normal reading glasses, they often don’t have a long enough range of clear vision for your computer screen.

Do you finding yourself having to lift your head up or tilt it back to work on your computer? Do you look over your glasses to look past your computer?

Ergonomic spectacle lenses

Occupational or computer glasses can eliminate strain on your neck and eyes, thus restoring proper office ergonomics and efficiency. They work in a similar way to a varifocal giving you good reading vision. The focus changes as you look up through the lens giving you longer range.

Our Rodenstock Ergo lenses come in three variations, “Book”, “PC” and “Room”; your optometrist can advise you on the best version for your individual needs.


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