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Hearing tests in Darlington, Richmond and Horden

Hearing loss can come as a surprise to anyone. If you are straining to hear your favourite TV shows or you are struggling to follow conversations when getting coffee with a friend, a free hearing test could let you know why and help you with your hearing.

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When you visit Cooper & Leatherbarrow, you can expect to be greeted by friendly staff who will provide you with expert advice to suit you. Whether your hearing loss is happening naturally or is caused by a working environment, we have the right care for you.


Our Horden branch is across the road from the vets on Dene Terrace. Set in a former mining village, this is the perfect spot to get advice on tinnitus management and other kinds of hearing protection.


Visit our conveniently located Darlington practice with parking close by. Well placed on Duke Street, it is perfect if you want to go shopping in the town centre, or meet friends after your appointment.


However although the practice in Richmond is at the top of Rosemary Lane it is , in fact, on Finkle Street . Our staff can take care of both your eyes and your ears.


Passionate audiologist Chloe Browne helms our practices. A registered hearing aid dispenser, Chloe offers a relaxed and personal approach to hearing care, providing excellent care every time.

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Wax removal in Darlington, Richmond and Horden

While this might come as a surprise, a build-up of excess ear wax can be a significant cause of muffled hearing, ear pain, or even hearing loss. If you are a hearing aid user, you could be especially susceptible to this. During your free hearing check, your audiologist will advise whether you may benefit from ear wax removal. This can be carried out onsite, using face mask friendly devices, and easily ease some of those ear issues.

Cooper & Leatherbarrow Audiologist Chloe Browne

Chloe Browne


After starting as an optical apprentice at the age of 16 I quickly found my love for audiology and became a HCA, moving on to complete my degree as a hearing aid dispenser. I have worked for both NHS and private. In more recent years I have focussed on solely private hearing care. The pace of work privately allows us to spend all the time we need with our patients to ensure the most premium and quality service is provided. My main focus is always my patient, I get great pleasure from helping people.

Health and Personal

Outside of work I am very family orientated and spend all of my time with my partner, friends and family. I have recently started going to a bootcamp which has given me some focus outside of work to do something for myself.

Why book your free hearing test?

Whether you are struggling with hearing loss or not, there is never a bad time to book your free hearing check. At Cooper & Leatherbarrow, we are dedicated to providing friendly, honest advice, as well as high-quality hearing protection. Our services include providing rechargeable hearing aids with a maximum five-year warranty. These are also invisible for subtle wear, and we also provide hearing aid batteries. We also offer repair and servicing and lifetime aftercare. Whether you need help with your hearing aids or tinnitus management, we tailor each visit to you. And if you can’t get out to any of our branches, we offer home visits with the same high-quality service you would get in our branches.


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We welcome private and NHS patients for an eye examination. For any questions about NHS eligibility please contact your nearest practice who will be happy to help.

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