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Dispensing Optician Jobs At Cooper & Leatherbarrow In Darlington

Why are we the right company for you? At Cooper & Leatherbarrow in Darlington, our goal is to make a difference in people's lives - including yours!

We are a family business in all respects, our patient base encompasses toddlers to great-grandparents, with several people having been clients for over 50 years.

You chose a career in dispensing for a reason. Dispensing is more than just picking out products for people. You make sure that every customer leaves our store with exactly what they need because you know how important this is to them.

As a Dispensing Optician working for our independent practice, you’ll have the freedom you need to find the right solutions for patients every time. You'll work in our Darlington branch at Cooper & Leatherbarrow where your passion for eye care and desire creating joy through expert consultation on latest designer brands.
From a wide selection of frames and lenses, to longer dispensing appointments, you’ll be able to do right by the patient and feel confident in the service you’re providing to patients.
So, if you’re looking to work in an environment where your training and industry knowledge is truly appreciated, pleas get in touch to see how we can support your dispensing career.

Graduation Day

We want to help you succeed and are committed in making this a job that is enjoyable. We recognise your achievements, provide excellent training opportunities for professional growth as well management & investing into partnerships with us so the possibilities of what's next can only get better!

Perks Of Working At Cooper & Leatherbarrow Opticians

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