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Colorimetry test

Discover the power of colour


Colour tinted spectacles and coloured overlays can greatly reduce symptoms of visual stress and help with dyslexia.

Suffering from visual stress

What is visual stress?

Many adults and children who find reading tiring and unpleasant unknowingly experience visual stress. Visual stress is the term used to describe visual discomfort and perceptual distortions that are experienced by some when reading a text.


Dyslexic individuals are more likely to experience visual stress than others, although you can experience visual stress without dyslexia.

How colour can help

If you or your child struggles to read, we will begin by a thorough eye examination to rule out any other underlying conditions. 


Our highly trained Optometrists will check for the presence of visual stress and use coloured overlays over text to explore their impact. The use of coloured overlays can improve speed, accuracy and enable longer periods of reading without discomfort.


Using a state of the art machine called an Intuitive Colorimeter, we will help you to select an exact shade of colour that can be turned into specialist lenses for spectacles called Precision Tinted Lenses. The shades available can be precisely tailored to your needs.

Colourful Papers for colorimetry
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For a thorough eye examination using some of the most cutting-edge clinical equipment available in the North East, we're proudly well equipped to serve your needs.

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Don't struggle unnecessarily with the effects of visual stress. Talk to us today and discover how powerful colour can be.

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